Your choice: the certainty of misery or the misery of uncertainty?

Picture this…You’re in a job that makes you desperately unhappy. You haven’t felt fulfilled in a considerably long time. You dread getting up in the morning and quite frankly, you’d rather be anywhere else than work as it stands. You’re miserable. 

You want to leave. But, what have you got to leave to? Or if you do have something to leave to, what if it’s worse? It’s a risk, that’s for sure. But often, the biggest risk you can ever take is taking no risks. 

It’s an inevitable question that requires an answer. Do you choose uncertainty and the unknown, or do you choose to stay in your current role and with the certain misery that comes hand-in-hand?

Shockingly, research shows more than half of UK workers are considering finding a new job within the next year – this figure has grown 8% vs the previous year. A separate survey, which looked into the job satisfaction rate in different cities, found that 41.9% of people in Manchester hate their current job.

So, here’s a critical call out to these people:

It’s time for you to take the plunge and face your fear of uncertainty. After all, your mental wellbeing and happiness are far more important than a job or a salary.

They say that people only choose to make changes when the pain of staying the same becomes too difficult to manage, but surely, we should be trying to avoid that unmanageable pain and make those all-important changes before it gets to that point?

Some people might assume that it’s incredibly easy to find a new job whilst working, it’s tremendously simple to send applications and attend interviews. But, for those working in high-pressured, busy sectors, it’s just not possible to find the extra time required to go through the processes of finding and securing something new. Often, people try and consequently drive themselves into burnout – a result of stress and exhaustion. 

You have to make that decision. You have to weigh up your options. Do you choose to stay somewhere that comes with a guaranteed ability to make you miserable, demotivated, uninspired or fatigued, or do you choose to run head-first into a dark scary place called “The Uncertain”. 

It’s imperative to remember that uncertainty is not forever. Uncertainty is just the place you need to travel through to get to a better place, whether that be a more fulfilling job, a less stressful job or a job where you can be surrounded by better people. 

This doesn’t just apply for work either. People would often rather stay in a known, safe, situation than venture out into the unknown. It’s why people stay in harmful relationships. It’s why people never move houses, cities or countries. It’s why people allow themselves to be treated badly by a toxic group of friends. 

So, ask yourself, should I continue allowing myself to feel this way, or should I say “enough is enough”, take a leap of faith and dive into uncertainty? It’s true, your time in the uncertain might not be great, but what’s waiting for you on the other side of it will be extraordinary.

Do it. Apply for that new job. Take the plunge and have a look at the fantastic opportunities available through Connect Care today.